Domain Registration

Domains typically sell for $35/year ( or as low as $15/year (, but here you can buy one for only $1/month ($12/year).

The buying of a domain is the easiest part about getting your website on the internet. What you do is choose a domain that hasn't already been taken and purchase it for 1 or more years. After your payment term is up, you need to renew the domain or you may let it expire in which case somebody else may grab it.

I support the following gTLDs and ccTLDs:

  • $12/year: .com .net .org .biz .info .us
  • $15/year: .name
  • $20/year: .ca
  • $35/year: .cn .ws
  • $50/year: .bz .nu .tv
  • $60/year: .cc
  • $350/year: .sr

Enough talk. You want to buy a domain? Create an account on the DNS Manager and register online! Keep in mind that you will be making your payments through paypal via a convenient paypal button.