Domain Management
  • Free Management
  • If you're using the DollarDNS registration and/or hosting you get the benefit of free support. If you don't know what you're doing, I can provide consultation and administration of your domain for you.

  • Paid Management
  • For those of you who don't have the time or desire to setup your own dns server may pay me to set it up for you at a price of your choosing. I'm willing to configure BIND, Microsoft DNS Server, or djbdns. I've also done some other things for people like setting up apache virtual hosts, qmail, sendmail or whatever else I'm familiar with that people ask of me. All I'd need is a Remote Desktop or VNC login on windows systems, or, root access and a ssh login on linux or unix systems. I'll provide a full report on what I did, and if necessary, educate you on how to manage what I've installed/configured.

    What clients have said
  • Jeff Bruns () of Web Development Solutions
  • SilentRage took an impressively short amount of time to not only transfer my DNS config to another server, but also configure iptables and upgrade/configure vsftpd. I've had him manage my DNS in the past and I really like working with him. He asked for $28, but I paid him $50 instead.

  • Michael Moxley () of StormBuilt Web Services
  • I gave SilentRage root access to my linux server to fix my BIND configuration. After the job was completed all he asked for was $6! I paid him what I felt to be a more appropriate price of $40. I appreciated his fast responses to my emails and willingness to help.

  • Sean Cahill () of Calan Technologies
  • I had some troubles with my ensim control panel where the domains wouldn't resolve for some clients. The ensim support said all was fine, but I didn't believe them. I hired DollarDNS to take a look at it and he found the problem and fixed it in only one hour! He even taught me how to manage things in the future. He only asked for $3, but I gave him $30.